We have a wonderful testimony from Ruth Panuccio.  Ruth went through many trials at different times in her life, and each time she grew in her walk of faith, and trust in God.  Even through tremendous loss, she learned that God’s plans are always good...

Mark Pastoria

The testimony we have for you is from a great man of God, Mark Pastoria, who is full of love and laughter. Mark had to deal with something that no parent ever wants to deal with.  While going through this Mark might have gotten angry, but he never lost his faith in God.


We have a wonderful testimony from Denny Hyland. Denny had everything going well in his life, from a great wife, to a good job, and had been a great athlete. However, he had the feeling that something was missing. He started his quest by researching those who had been successful. The common thread he found surprised him...

dianne Gongaware

We have a powerful testimony from Dianne Gongaware.  Diane went through a tragedy in her life that no one ever wants to go through, but in it all she kept her focus on God, and He made her latter days better than her former….

(pictured: Dianne Gongaware left, Judy Fowler right)

david bartholomew

We have an ongoing testimony from David Bartholomew.  This one is different than all of the others we have recorded, as David is still directly in the midst of this testimony, and is someone who is truly trusting God, and walking with Him.  He has decided to let God’s will be done...

(pictured: David Bartholomew left, Dr. Bruce Fowler right)

Dick Sorenson

We have a wonderful, God-filled testimony from Dick Sorenson, who has an apostolic calling to take the good news to the world.  In the 1980’s Dick went into communist countries, including Romania, to bring aid and the gospel.  In one of these trips, he had an encounter that had an ending only God could orchestrate...

Pastor Michael dickman

Michael Dickman started out life in the church.  He tried to be good enough, and live according to religion.  As he moved into adulthood he got caught up with New Age movements.  After meeting some people who had a relationship with Jesus, and looking into the Bible, his life changed...


Brian Hamilton was once addicted to drugs, progressing from marijuana to pain medications, to eventually heroin.  Now he is living for Jesus Christ.  Click above to listen to his amazing story.