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Locking Arms Men

Locking Arms mission is to build authentic men who love God, love one another, and love their neighbor (Luke 10:27).

Locking Arms purpose is the advancement of a lifestyle demonstrated in a spiritual community of men. We are strengthening one another to regain our authentic manhood through: spiritual formation, true Christian community, and sacrificial service to others.

We purpose to build spiritual friendships of brotherly affection, strength, honor and iron sharpening.


Leo Wisniewski

In this series of testimonies, we are working in partnership with Locking Arms Men, a Pittsburgh based ministry that’s mission is to “Build an Authentic Community of Men who love God, love one another and love their neighbor.”

We have a testimony from their Executive Director, Leo Wisniewski, who is a man who loves the Word of God, and loves people.

While growing up, Leo had bought into three lies of manhood that shaped his focus in life. However, after going to college and meeting some men of God, his life changed forever...

TUNCH ILKIN - Conversion testimony

We have a testimony from a man who loves God, Tunch Ilkin.  Tunch was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and moved to America as a child.  He was raised in a Muslim home, and thought that real men fought, cursed, drank, and did drugs.  When he came to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he met some men who truly were tough, but were quite different from what he expected real men to be.

TUNCH ILKIN - Wife testimony

This is our second testimony from Tunch Ilkin. In his first testimony he shared how he became a Christian. In this testimony he shares how he went through trials as a Christian, including one of the toughest trials of his life, and how God was with him as he went through it.

Bill Krahe

We have a powerful testimony from Bill Krahe.  Bill had a lot of things going for him; he graduated law school, married another lawyer, had a nice home, four beautiful children, and a great job.  They even attended church.   Yet there was no foundation, and after some time, it all started to unravel...