Our Logo

The story behind the logo for stories...

Yep, our logo has a story too.  The main logo is actually two images in one.  First, the red part of the logo makes up quotation marks, which represent the stories (testimonies) that we are to share about how God has worked in our lives.  The white space left between the quotes makes up the cross, because all of our stories are centered around the cross, and Jesus' payment for our sin on the cross.  The colors are: red; representing the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, and white; representing how he has cleansed us.

If you are an astute observer, you may notice that the font is custom too.  The t's are the same shape as the cross from the logo, and the f and i's also borrow from those same shapes.

You may not have originally noticed these various aspects of the logo, but I bet you can't stop seeing them now!